Saturday, 2 February 2008

Resignation ....

The last day of the first month of the year was my last day working with Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad. I was there for 4 months and i enjoyed my days there accompanied by a bunch of nice people but there are a few annoying ones too. I had 3 farewell lunch, the first one was at Bodhi Tree, which is a western restaurant at Jalan Dang Wangi, the second want was at Secret recipe and the last one was at Mojo Restaurant & Bar at No 42 Jalan Doraisamy Asian Heritage Row. Does the name Mojo sounds Japanese to you? When i first heard it i thought it is a Japanese restaurant but it turns out to be a western restaurant. That place is called the heritage row because they converted all those old shop lots there into a very classic looking restaurant but at the same time they preserve the origin of the building. Sorry i forgot to take pictures or else the pictures will illustrate better then my description....hehe.

This is basically how i ended my last day with ABMB. If you wonder why did i choose to leave where i am so comfortable there. The reason being is that my superior wanted to transfer me to the PJ hub which is located at Section 13 or 14 there. I tried to explained to them that i am not mobile and taking public transport there is really disastrous. After listening to my problems they said they will consider and get back to me and few days later i was called to the room and the answer given was:

Steve, after a long discussion you still have to go there la cos we really need you there, we have no other options. I wasn't too happy hearing such an answer so i told her that since this is the case my resignation would be inevitable and she accepted it. What is the point of working there where it would cause a grave inconvenience to me and working with someone that you are not in the position to bargain with hence out of frustration i decided to quit and i am jobless now which means I would have a longer CNY holiday break this year.

I am wishing all of you to have a blessed Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Oral sex...............

After reading the one of the article published in the Sun Newspaper last week on abolition of oral sex as an offense ignited me to write something on this. I am so convince that all of you knows what is oral sex in which i don't have to defined what it is but again there is no harm putting down the right definition in case any of you have interpreted it other manner. Oral sex consists of all sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth, which may include use of the tongue, teeth, and throat, to stimulate genitalia. I wanted to upload some picture here for further illustration but i think it would be to explicit.

Oral sex has become an alternative sex which gains a lot of popularity in recent years and some people regard it as foreplay and i found out that many unmarried young couples enjoy doing it as this is a type of sex which doesn't require penetration to the vaginal and its almost 0% risk of pregnancy.

Apart form that do you all know that this so called "sex' is a criminal offense under the Penal code. S377B dictates that any carnal intercourse against the order of nature is an of fence and anyone found guilty of this will be imprisonment for 20 years and fine or whipping. If you are wondering what is unnatural sex here is the answer. Unnatural sex consists of sodomy, oral sex and bestiality. A lot of people are not aware of this provision and never knew the existence of such statue. This is a very arcade statute as it was drafted in the 18th century based on the bible ( the story of Sodom & Gomorrah)

Is the fear haunting you now knowing that performing consensual oral sex itself its an offense. Some people were saying that this is my private life and it is consensual and what is so wrong about it till i have to be prosecuted? But again this is the law and we have to adhere to it whether we like it or not. Therefore there is a calling for the abolition of such provision in the penal code. I would think that the calling for the removal of the provision which constitutes oral sex as an offense is something that we should be looking forward too. To me removing the oral sex as an offense is good but it could be better if the Parliament would be able to remove the entire section 377B in the penal code as the word natural is really misleading and subjective as we are not able to defined what is natural and unnatural.

But as at this time S377B is still stand as the law at the present stage so those who are actively and enjoying it should reconsider whether to call it for a stop until such provision is being repeal...haha. Anyway how many of you are advocating that this provision should be repeal as it is no longer relevant in today's context as Singapore has already repeal it or else 90-95% of Malaysian would be charge to fill in the space in the prisons.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Is there Certainty......

Is there certainty in the our life's or even the world we are living? To me there is no certainty, life is just like today's weather. It can be very sunny in the morning but in the evening we start hearing the thunder storm, the lightning strike and heavy pours everywhere.

I was asked to report duty in Section 13 PJ on Tues (15/1/2008) on Friday with such a short notice, and i made myself clear that i do not intend to be transferred there but it seems that my wish are not being taken into consideration and no one bothers to listen to me. However i have anticipated that this is going to happen very soon but i never thought it will be so soon. Hence after i deep consideration and anger in me as i am the only chosen one to be there whilst the other two remain in where they are i feel that i am being oppress and i couldn't take this unfairness and discrimination hence i decided to convey my unwillingness to be posted there and tender my resignation verbally.

A lot of people say that i am too impulsive in making such a decision but i detest, because i know i am not and i know the consequences of doing that, the reason behind my decision is that transferring me to PJ will cause a grave inconvenience to me and financially unsound.

Then i started to wonder and ponder over the fundamental principal of law which is, law must be certain. How can law be certain when things are changing and evolving through the passage of time. No one would expect that Dr Chua to be the hero in the DVD and tender his resignation over night as a Health Minister. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated etc etc. Life is just like the boat sailing in the sea at the mercy of the wind.

My cell leader asked me a question, will you marry a girl who is a non believer but you really love her. for your information it is against the bible to yoke with the unyoke. Not being too spiritualize and honestly yours truly here answer in an affirmative that i will consider marrying her despite the fact that she is a non believer, i thought he is gonna counsel me for this as this will not be an answer that a cell leader would wanna hear from his cell member. Surprisingly he say it is true he would do the same too.

At times it would be too far fetch to plan things ahead us, but do not get me wrong as i am not suggesting of not having any plan in life but its just that we can plan but whether the outcome is something we desire is two different thing. Look at the bright side how boring or mundane would life be if ever thing is so certain, i think our life would not be so exciting anymore hence the uncertainty in life is like spices that make our life be more adventurous and colourful.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Open Minded

A lot of things have changed over the years, thanks to the technology and the inventors who make this earth a better place for us. Today everything is evolving without us realizing it. I had a tea session few friends and i begin to wonder whether am i a frog under the coconut shell? A girl friend of mine began the conversation by commenting on my hairy hand. According to her this is really rare for a Chinese to be so hairy and i have to admit that i am hairy but of course the conversation doesn't stop. The subsequent question was, does it mean that if a guy is hairy the other hidden part of the anatomy be will that hairy too and my humble opinion is that it depends as it is not absolute.

After all those nonsense the next question was that is it true that guys think about sex in every 2 minutes. What nonsense is this? I confess that guys do thinks about sex and have sexual fantasy but having in every 2 minutes its just ridiculous cos this is not called sexual fantasy but sex maniac and who are urgently in need or psychological treatment. What surprises me was there a few girls who openly without any fear confessed that they watch pron ( Mind you it's 5 star rated pron some more don't pray pray) I never talk about sex and sharing all this with girls cos i always think its so inappropriate for a guy to talk about sex with girls. I was told by them that i am so conservative and i have to leave my jungle mentality and start to adopt this 2008 culture.

The passage of time has change, now pornographic is not exclusively tailored for men to satisfied their lust. What a joke, when women are fighting for equal rights and all those feminist movement around the world saying that women are being oppress. Aren't porn a way of showing that women are subordinating to men? According to Catherine Mckinon porn should be ban as this is an oppression of women as she uses the phrase " men are the fucker and women are the fuckee" and all of learned ladies friend are boosting the porn industry by purchasing the Western, Thai, Indian, Japan and Malay porn.

It is most often then not that men always thinks about sex but i was told by them that women also thinks about sex just that the the frequency of men are slightly higher then women. I am said to be not open enough to share bout all this publicly...sigh

Am i too conservative or they are too open? Perhaps the world has been evolving but i am still stagnant at where i am....

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Pathetic Guy

Recently i encounter with a pathetic and annoying guy that acts as if he knows everything and try to argue with me over any single thing juts to prove to me that he is smarter then me, he is a colleague of mine. I really dunno why is he so envy of me, he was shocked that i earned my Law degree at the age of 22. He always claims that i only know the substantive law and i have no knowledge of the practicable aspect of the law. This shows how stupid of him, statues and case law are the black letter word of law. Without that there is no law. i was wondering what would happened to the judiciary and legal system if all the arising dispute are not based on the written books.

He is 34 years old but look like 40 plus with a lot of white hair. He just got married recently as he pregnanted her. i have no say and comments on the reason behind one getting married after all this got nothing to do with me but the most annoying part was that he was boosting on how much money he spend for the wedding. Could you believed that after a month of the weeding ceremony he still keeps his wedding dinner receipt with him to show his fellow colleagues on the expenses he had incurred on his wedding as well as a prove that he is has to top up a lot for the short fall.

He had his wedding dinner at "Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant" and that itself cost him RM29,000 with 29 tables which means 1 table cost him RM1000 and the red packet he collected was approximately RM22,000.00 hence he have to top up around RM7000. Since when weeding is a windfall or profit making event , and what kind of mentality is this? stabbing his friends and the invitees back saying that they gave so little. I really think he is so cheap skate, if you really intends to invite people you should not care so much and expecting how much are people going to give you.

Besides that he is boosting that his wife is coming from a "rich family" and he got a lot of jewelery from the wife's side, honestly is this something worth to shouting about, he doesn't have the ability to make the wife proud of him yet he is using the wife's family to boost his egoism. That is so sick man! Gosh i really pity his wife. After all this here comes his father, he claims that his father possesses a 5 figure credit card and many years back he used his dad's card to ordered something via internet and the card and someone frauded his dad's card and here comes all his lame and stupid story which do not require any further explanations.

The funniest part is that after all his boosting he ended up in Cameron Highlands for honeymoon with a lot of complaints about the expenses incurred there as he thinks that it doesn't worth the money. I think he is just envy that i am going to be a lawyer hence he always gang up with a few fellows who are his so called "close" friends" that always gang up to argue with me. Whatever it is i wouldn't be working as a banker forever as i have many options open and something to be glad that i will be a professional soon unlike him staying in the bank forever despite the fact that his boss doesn't like him but there is nothing in him that can brings him away to greater heights.

Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year 2008

I know my blog is very chronic and need to be supervise under the Intensive Care Unit. The problem with me is not that i am lack of inspiration to write, the problem is that i am lazy to update despite the fact that it only take me a little of time to do so.

This will be my last entry for the year of 2007. Time really flies and today is the last of the year and a brand new year is just at the corner waiting for us. A lot of people asks me, what do i expect in the year of 2008 and am i excited to enter the year of 2008. I seriously don't have anything in mind of what do i want to achieve in the coming year. Passing my CLP examination is something that i want to achieved but i ain't too optimistic about it looking at the passing rate and the rumors of the quota system.

To me every year is the same, there is nothing much that i have in mind in this coming year, you can say i am a mundane person. Just a little of reflection for the year of 2007. The main highlight of the year of 2007 is that i earned my LLB degree. Besides that i thank God for His tremendous blessing that he have showered upon my life.

P/s: One of my new year resolution is too update more frequent in the coming year. I am not that ambitious to sit down and come out with a long new year's resolution because i know myself too well that 90% of my resolution will not be achieved and i started to wonder why are those people so free to come out with the resolution which they know they will not achieve it at the end of the year. Waste of time!! (Sorry for the sarcasm)

Anyway i wanna take this opportunity to wish all of you guys have a wonderful New Year and may this year be a remarkable and memorial year for you all. All the best for this coming year as i know many of you guys will be working this year no longer can enjoy your student life....haha. Have a blessed New Year folks.

Monday, 3 December 2007


Last Monday was my graduation after 3 years in law school but of course this is not the end as i still have 1 more year to go for my Certificate in legal practice exam which is schedule in July next year.

This graduation brings me back to the past. I am not a good student and never can be a good student who will always think how give the best and get the best result in public exam nor school exam. The importance of education wasn't an issue to me at all and i have no idea what i wanna be and what i what to do after my SPM. I skipped most of my classes in form 4 to sell hand phones which was owned by my family back in my hometown (Sg petani) I only attended class 2-3 times a week that is also sleeping in the class.

If some of you wonder how come my school didn't expel me from the school, the answer is very simply....because i am smart. Just joking. The answer is very simple, i always lied to my parents that there is some stupid thing going on in my school and no teacher coming in and it just a waste of time to attend class and tons of excuses hence i will write a letter on behalf of my parents in explaining why i was absent from school.

I really enjoyed the live as a hand phone seller at that point of time lingering around the shopping mall and mixing around with people coming from different backgrounds, going for mamak after work etc. My parents and my sister were not too happy about it and thinks that i have lost track on my studies and i should put a stop to all this, of course i am furious when they stop me from going to the shop by saying that i know how to arrange my time as i brought books and study there but honestly no one is so dumb to believe in such a lies. Despite the objection i still carry on with it.

So my family member decided to shut down the shop as the business that time wasn't too good and they have no way to stop me from doing all these nonsense. So after all that i went back to school in form 5 and i just realised that i am way behind the syllabus and i no nuts in the class hence i wasn't too optimistic about my SPM whereby i only studied the last 2 months for the 2 years syllabus. My mum was telling me if you could not get through your SPM or you can't qualified yourself into any courses i will give you some capital to do business.

That time i was really terrified on my upcoming result knowing how little i know and i checked out all the courses requirements and i seriously doubt that i will qualify i.e getting a minimum of 5 credits. Thank God that i was blessed with 2A"s and all credits except for my maths and this explains why i am doing law. god has been good and blessed me tremendously in all my exams from SPM till my LLB. For those who knows me well will know how little confidence i have in all my exams and preparing myself for a resit or referral every year without fail and it turns out to be better then what i expect.

I got myself a phone on Saturday (will blog more about it later) and i started to imagine myself standing at the booth selling hand phones from morning till night earning so little. Please don't get me wrong i am not looking down on other professions as need each others in this society. I really thank God that i don't have to stand there . I never expect myself to be a Second Class lower division law graduate from University of London and most of my friends and teachers are so shocked when they see me or hear what i am doing now.

I am really glad that i finally graduated and went for the convocation despite of the exorbitant cost imposed by the college to us and sucky food. below are some of my convo pictures that i randomly picked which was held at the KL convention center on the 26th Oct 2007.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Age Of Ignorance.......

A colleague of mine shared a very sad story with me after wondering why she looks so down and sad for the past few days. She asks me whether my previous firm handle divorce cases since she has a friend who wanted to get divorce. (Usually the friend is themselves). Sadly to say not many firm wants to do family law because it is very lengthy and not profitable.

Within a few seconds she asks me whether do i have any idea about the divorce petition since i am a law graduate. To be honest i am not too familiar because i did External Programme from Uni Of London but i do have some knowledge about it when i compared our system with the U.K system with my friends in the local universities. She only got married in Jan and now she wants or contemplating to petition for divorce because she could not stand her husband having an affair with a Vietnamese girl. The saddest thing is that she only found out after she got married.
According to her the affair has been going for quite some time. Her husband even introduces her to his family member, and the Vietnamese girl is staying at her grand in law's house because her husband admitted to the hospital due to some muscles problems. She cried her sorrow to her in law and the rest of the family members but they are not on her side yet trying to justify her husband conduct by saying it is normal for a guy to have extra marital affair.

She is very depress and had sleepless night thinking and talking with the husband in see how to solve this matter but the husband said he will try. This is just a lame excuse, he said that too when she found out that he is having an affair with this girl. She is just like a zombie that comes to work everyday, she loves the husband very much and she say her husband care for her very much too and they have been together for 7 years so it is utmost difficult to let go a relationship that you have build together in a split second.

She asks me what do i think about her husband conduct? knowing me i am very blunt with my words on certain matters, in my humble opinion i told her this is something that i could not condone. Not pretending to be a saint, i seriously think that it is really bad enough to have an affair outside but this is worse because he brings the girl home some more. I really think this is too much and he don't even show some respect on the marriage by doing this. I could not tolerate someone who is unfaithful and what disgust me more is when i think of him having sex with the girl and come back to have sex with her. Since thing has come to this stage what else can you do despite the feeling and love that she has for him. At the end of the day things don't works on one side.

The amazing part is that she say i though you would justify my husband act since i am a guy, i think that is a bit too ridiculous, being a man and agreeing on something which is not right is really two different thing. The general perceptions among the same group of people doesn't justify something from wrong to right. What shocked me the most was that she say she doesn't mind if her husband i flirting and sleeping around outside so long as he doesn't bring him home because to her guys are like that. What matters most is that he is he still comes home and knows that he has a family. I thought this kind of thinking only happens in the days of ignorance or the feudal age...sigh. I really wonder what is the purpose of marriage if this is the case. I am utterly disappointed with this kind of view and thought which has contributed to the downfall of the marriage institution.

So she is going to move out and calm herself down and think what to do next. The funniest part is that she say she don't want to divorce like this because it will benefit that girl in the sense that her husband will remarry. To be what is the point? Do you still want this kind of people to be your spouse? There is no point if his heart is not with you. What is there is only his physical
body. I am seriously disappointed with her that she can still tolerate and compromise with this injustice thinking that the husband will know she is the best and come back to her. This only will happened in the drama and not real life. How many girls to come after this? This will never cease when he has sip this kind of thought in his mind.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Blogging Personality

While i was checking out and reading some blog updates i decided to take try out how accurate is this blogging personality quiz and the quiz revealed my personality as below:-

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical

You blog like no one else is reading...
You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose.
Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily.
But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!

I don't really agree with the first and the last points...haha. So it's not that accurate only after all...haha.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


This year is the first time i didn't go back to S.P during the festive to avoid congestion so i spend my holiday in K.L and i am pretty occupied during this long holiday and had a lot of fun too. I attended a church seminar on Saturday morning till the late evening, whilst on Sunday i went to church and ShaSha a friend of mine suggested for a movie since we are on our way to Ikea for lunch and we managed to catch Chuck & Larry, after that we went to Ikea to have our late lunch and walk around.

The last but not least we (Anuja , Joy, Merlvyn and me) made a trip to Seremban to visit Ken since i promised to make a trip there before he leave to Batu Pahat . Anuja doesn't want to drive because of the roads in Seremban so all of us went there by using the KL -Seremban express bus.

Anuja is showing a "mau lawan look" whilst Joy is so engross with her Law of Trust till she doesn't know what is happening. sigh.

My Friend Ken picked us up at the Terminal One Bust station from seremban and this is the view in the town.

Since there is nothing much to do in Seremban and there is nothing interesting so Ken suggested to make a trip to Port Dickson since it's only 3o mins away from Seremban, We got lost on our way to beach because none of us know the way but we discovered a fishing village.

After asking the fishermen for direction, we managed to get to the beach, and i forget what is the name of the beach and there are a few beaches there. We went to the beach behind the Methodist center.

The guy in black is our photographer for the day, i brought my camera long but i it ran out of battery so i didn't managed to get any photos. Thanks Merlvyn for the photo.

Merl, Ken & Me
As we are heading back to Seremban we saw there is another beach and its tea time so we decided to stop by to have our Seremban Siew Pao but it was drizzling and we couldn't get any shelter there so we left in about 30 mins time. Merl is trying to post like the Bollywood stars in the Hindi This is the view of Seremban from the 9th floor from IMU hostel.
Out of curiosity we went to IMU hostel to check out the place and to have a peep at Ken's room but he had six sense that we are gonna trash his room so he locked his room...sigh!
Ken is trying to get the balls int the hole.

We went to Jusco and its still quite some time before dinner and we dunno what to do, while walking pass an arcade Joy suggested to play pool.

Mission in action
waiting for our dinner at Soon Fatt and everyone is starving waiting about 40 mins for the dinner to be served and its full of MSG, it makes me to thirsty and my throat gets so dry in the aftermath, besides that the price is quite reasonable thou.